Intelligent display Smart Charger with Plug 12V 10A Fast Lead-Acid Battery Charger

MFC Battery Charger

Mcu Controlled & 8 stage Switch mode.8 Stages are: Desulphtion-Soft start-Bulk-Absorption-Analyse-Recondition-Float-Pulse.


1. Polarity protection

2.Output short protection

3.Non battery link protection

4.Disconnect protection

5.Over temperature protection

6.Over temperature protection

7.Automatic temperature controller cooling fan

8.Night. Charging with reduced power and almost silent fan for 8 hours.




PACO Car Battery charger MBC1205 7-stage trickle charge for car battery

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PACO Car Battery charger MBC1205 7-stage trickle charge for car battery

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One year warranty.


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 .Why PACO 8-stage battery charger?

1). This is a fully automatic battery charger with 8 charge stages.
2). Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. You can leave the charger connected to the battery charger indefinitely.
3).Compare with traditional chargers, 8-stage charger with much more comprehensive and accurate charging process, ensure your battery longer life and better performance!
4).8-stage chargers are suitable for most battery types including calcium, Gel and AGM batteries. They could also help restore the drained and sulphated batteries.

.How do I know if the battery is charged?

 The charger’s FULLY CHARGED LED will illuminate (solid). Alternatively use a Battery Hydrometer A reading of 1.250 or more in each cell indicates a fully charged battery.

.I have connected the charger properly but the ‘CHARGING LED’ does not come on?

In some cases batteries can be flattened to the point where they have very little or no

voltage. This can occur if a small amount of power is used for a long time, for example a map reading light is left on for a week or more. 8-Stage chargers are designed to charge from as little as 12V charger 2.0 Volts and 24V charger 4.0 Volts

If the voltage is lower than 2.0 Volts and 4.0 Volts use a pair of booster cables to connect between two batteries to provide more than 2.0 Volts and 4.0 Volts to the battery being charged. The charger can then start to charge the battery and the booster cables can be removed.

 .Can I use the charger as a power supply?

8-Stage chargers are designed to only supply power to the battery clips when they are connected correctly to a battery. This is to prevent sparks during connection to  the battery or if connected incorrectly by mistake. This safety feature prevents the charger from being used as a ‘Power Supply’. No Voltage will be present at the clips until connected to the battery.

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PACO Car Battery charger MBC1205 7-stage trickle charge for car battery


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